Call for Papers
The ITSF steering group invites you to submit a synopsis to be considered for ITSF 2020. It should cover one or more of the following categories (click boxes for full description):
Interested in speaking at ITSF 2020?

Simply fill out the form with your details, provide a short (<150 words) description of your proposed presentation and select your preferred session. All submissions will be reviewed by the ITSF steering group and you will be notified of their decision by the end of May 2020.

Submissions will be judged on their technical merit and on how well they address practical issues facing the industry from both a short term and/or long term perspective.

Following on from the success of the ITSF 2019 conference, presentations for 2020 will be allotted to one of two delivery methods, either a speaker slot in the daily programme or for display as a poster within the main exhibition arena. This will be at the discretion of the steering group.
Submission deadline is 21st May 2020
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